Virus Warfare

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Chillking’s Virus Warfare Kills Viruses and Germs!

Chillking understands that the safety of our friends, neighbors, customers, and loved ones is the most important thing to us and to you. Prior to the Coronavirus epidemic, Chillking had developed a system to kill environmental germs, viruses, and other microbes. It is a heavy-duty system that we developed to rid greenhouses of pests and microbes. This is a system that is added to air handlers of dehumidifiers and HVAC systems.

We have developed a freestanding system to kill microbes in two ways. The first is to draw them through a chamber that has a 245 nanometer wavelength UV light on board. Since UV is harmful to our eyes, this system is enclosed without escaping light. After one hour of treatment the system turns that light off. Then, the UV 185 nm turns on and produces ozone. Please click this OZONE, to be taken to an article filled with technical information. Ozone is carried through the air as it blows through the “Virus Eliminator” and the 185 nm generates ozone that is discharged with the moving air. It will take approximately one hour to saturate the room with Ozone.

Please contact us for a quote. We will have size recommendations based on cubic feet of the room. Our units will be deployed in several sizes. The smaller units will operate on a standard outlet of 115v. Larger sizes will require a dryer type outlet of 230v and up to 50 amps. Your safety is important to our future. We must work hand in hand.

SAFETY! (Please read the entire paragraph):  It is best that our customers avoid being in the room during both stages of virus warfare. During the UV 245 no frequency any UV wavelength can be harmful to the eyes. If you must be in the room for a short period during the first stage of warfare please wear UV-rated sunglasses or eye wear. During the final stage of combat with viruses you must avoid the room for three hours. Ozone is harmful to humans when in large quantities. If Ozone can kill viruses that can kill you, it stands to reason from logic alone that it may be harmful. However, if you click this OZONE, you will be taken to an article explaining how it kills viruses and can be harmful to you. It is very safe if you follow the rules. Allow the machine to run for two hours to saturate the exposed environment, then allow one hour for the ozone to dissipate. Then, you will have a virus-free, germ-free, and ozone-free environment. It will smell much better, much like the air after a thunderstorm.