New Products

Dehuking Dehumidifiers
Chillking® has been busy producing new products. More and more businesses are needing environment control such as dehumidification and clean air. Our new dehumidifiers are top of the line in keeping with Chillking’s tradition of producing equipment that is superior to the competition.

Greenhouses are controlling their environment to grow healthy for us crops. In addition, the MJ legalization in states has created a huge demand for dehumidification and clean air. DehuKing® Dehumidifiers are built using nothing but stainless steel frames, metalwork, and cabinets. Greenhouses are so humid that standard metals will oxidize and be destroyed after a few years.

DehuKing realized the need for a durable commercial industrial dehumidifier. Realizing that space is better used to produce crops or products DehuKing reduced the footprint of our dehumidifiers. More BTUs and smaller space taken. Not only do our dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air, but we also clean the air.

Every dehumidifier has air filters which can be ordered in different grades of filters. DehuKing has made available to our users many options such as electrostatic filters, ionizers, charcoal filters, and various grades of filters. Paint booths, industrial, commercial, retail space, medical, and greenhouses can all benefit from dehumidification and cleaning the air as it flows through the unit.


Natural Gas Powered Chillers
Chillking has partnered with BioTherm Solutions in providing a cost savings air conditioning system for greenhouses. Several years ago Chillking designed and patented a system to increase the yield of CNG when fueling vehicles. We see natural gas as the fuel of the future, most don’t realize that it’s a renewable fuel, methane gas is the main ingredient. Methane is now being recovered from dumps, garbage dumps, or any biodegradable in the soil. Plants are being built to produce methane.

Chillking has always been energy conscious by building chillers that produce 110% of their tonnage rating. Not only does Chillking exceed ratings we do it with less energy and at 90F ambient temperature. Most companies rate at 70F to 75F. It’s important to use less energy and to produce less pollutants. We were the first chiller company to use environment friendly refrigerant 410a. Large industrial applications will benefit by using natural gas chillers.

Chillking’s natural gas chillers use a GM base engine on most of our natural gas chillers. Natural gas is a clean burning fuel, for that reason the oil stays cleaner and wear is reduced. These engines can be quickly rebuilt with easy to get parts. Fuel consumption is reduced by engine design, compressor sizing, and attention to detail when Chillking builds the chiller. Smooth bends with large radius curves reduce back pressure. We insist on tightly fitted joints without excessive solder in the joint. Not only does this reduce the workload on the compressor it reduces load on the engine also.

Commercial chillers and industrial chillers built by Chillking can be modified upon request. All delivered products from Chillking are ETL CE approved. We want your chiller to give good service and save you money. These natural gas powered chillers reduce money spent in chilling or cooling your environment. Most savings are 60% to 80% reduction in utilities and fuel combined. A $6,000 a month bill is reduced by up to $4,800. A bill of $1,200 to $2,400 a month is much more favorable and can pay for the natural gas chiller.

With more and more greenhouses producing foods and other crops there is a demand for controlled environments in the greenhouse. Natural gas chillers can be used to provide chilled water/glycol for the dehumidification air handlers and for air conditioning. We build a dehumidifier air handler that can be precisely set to have zero temperature change. Heat is recovered from the engine exhaust to provide hot water for the hot water HEX. Greenhouse, commercial, industrial, retail, medical and many more can benefit with a natural gas Chillking chiller. Contact Chillking or BioTherm Solutions for your quote.