Industrial-sized Dehumidifiers

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DehuKing listens when customers speak. Greenhouses across the nation have expressed the need for high volume remote dehumidifiers. Our industrial dehumidifiers 5 ton to 20 tons can be purchased as a fully self contained unit, a split system with remote condenser(s), or as a fully self contained with remote condensers. These dehumidifiers are available in sizes of 5 tons(6.96 GPH*), 7.5 tons (10.6 GPH), 10 tons (13.96 GPH), and 20 tons (25.2 GPH). Our standard industrial greenhouse dehumidifier comes loaded with features.

15ton and upThese are fully self-contained with a compressor, condenser, evaporator (condensifier**), fans, and safety circuits along with a controller on board. First the air is chilled while removing moisture, then the cold dry air is drawn across the condensers before being discharged out the top. Technically speaking the air should be discharged as a neutral temperature change, the BTU rating of the evaporator is the same as the condenser so technically speaking it should be zero temperature change. However compressors make heat, some of the heat is carried into the refrigeration circuit while the remainder radiates off the compressor. The fan motors also generate heat. To estimate the amount of heat is easy actually, get the KW rating of the motor and convert it into BTU. 3,516 watts equals 12,000 BTU or 1 ton of cooling or heat.

20ton remote DehuKing


DehuKing offers a model that is fully full function “self contained” in each of the sizes. This is the standard large industrial dehumidifier built by DehuKing. These intake air through the filtering system of your choice. Clean filtered air flows across the evaporator/condensifier to chill and take out moisture then the chilled dry air flows across the hot condenser before being discharged out the top of the unit. The lower case x in the model number is for the voltage designation.

We offer every size of the “self contained” with a remote condenser, at the beginning of the model number is “R-”. With the DehuKing fully self contained dehumidifier you have the option to direct the hot refrigerant outside to a remote condenser or pair of remote condensers depending on the size of your DehuKing dehumidifier. You decide if you want the heat to be discharged into your space or do you discharge it outside through the remote condenser.

10 ton split system DehuKing


Each size is offered as the “split system” DehuKing dehumidifier, the model number ends with “-SPLIT” meaning “split system remote”. Cold dry air is the only air discharged from the unit that is inside your structure or space. The condenser portion of the unit is moved outside. The evaporator is inside the cabinet of the inside unit, moist warm air is pulled through the evaporator/condensifier and cold dry air is discharged out the top.


*GPH – Gallons Per Hour

**Condensifier – our name for the heat exchanger–that is the evaporator and it is dual purpose, it acts as a high performing dehumidifier by condensing moisture in the air, thus “condensifier”.