Industrial Chillers

industrial chiller

For over twenty years Chillking has been building industrial and commercial chillers. Each year our technicians and licensed professionals take courses to keep up with new methods and technology in refrigeration.

Always Evolving
Chillking is always improving. The chillers pictured can be purchased with the lower cabinet painted or stainless steel for no extra charge; one of the many ways we change to better accommodate your needs.

Custom Work
Custom sizes are available to most any size that can be transported.  Our commercial units over 200 tons are field certified by Intertek for ETL UL compliance.  Any size reservoir, pressure vessels or vented.  From -25°F to 100°F LWT, we can build it. Custom sizes or use our standard models fromindustrial chillers-energy-efficient 2 tons to 200 tons.  3 phase 208v-230v, 460v-480v, and 575v-600v 50hz or 60hz.  We also build single phase commercial chillers.

Dry Coolers by Chillking
Chillking builds very large “fluid coolers” for industrial use. For a fraction of the cost you can purchase a Chillking industrial water cooler with water to air heat exchangers in most any size, from 2 tons to 400 tons. These units will remove heat down to ambient temperature. If you need to cool your fluid to outdoor temperature, dry coolers save money, for a fraction of the cost you have a very economical cooling system. Chillking can build any size or shape, in addition we build a two-step hybrid system that first uses the dry cooler then it uses the refrigeration portion for the final cooling.