HumidiKing Humidification

Humidifiers are an important piece of equipment for businesses or manufacturing that is managing the humidity level in their operation. Removing humidity is often easier than bringing it up to the level a certain product may require. Commercial or industrial applications can vary to extremes.

We will build or customize a humidifier for your exact specifications and or needs. We use different methods to add moisture to the environment, your need may require foggers or perhaps an evaporative humidifier. We also use steam however it’s not preferred in many applications because large additions to the moisture level require large amounts of heat. Then you have to cool the environment which in turn removes humidity when the air is cooled across fins of the heat exchanger.

The preferred method is to use high volume foggers. Our commercial or industrial humidifiers have the option of onboard air pressure for the industrial foggers used in some of our HumidiKingTM humidifiers. The water particles are so small they immediately evaporate into the atmosphere. Next is to use evaporative humidification. Water fills a material that is designed for or used to absorb water, the air is then drawn across and through the material where it is cooled by heat being absorbed as the water evaporates.

HumidiKing will offer an add on option for our industrial and commercial air handlers. Quite often when cooling an environment with refrigeration or chilled water/glycol mixture in a refrigerant evaporator or a chilled water/glycol HEX* we need to add humidity to the environment. We have different inboard options for air handlers that’s built in and requires very little added space.

Some will recognize this method as a swamp cooler. Many dry areas of the country use evaporative coolers for air conditioning home or business environments. We are adding evaporative coolers to our production line. The models we offer will be stainless steel pans with an industrial foam made especially for evaporative cooling. We are introducing two new product brands, they are named HumidiKing and EvapoKing, this will be in keeping with our King branding. Our King brands are Chillking®, DehuKingTM, HumidiKingTM, and EvapoKingTM.

Be it commercial humidifier or industrial humidifier we have the product to fit your need. Our team has almost 100 years of product design experience. We will design equipment to fit your exact needs. Contact Chillking at 512-303-1529.