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The H2OKING Water Producer

Chillking has done it again! By using our expertise in capturing moisture from the air, we now introduce the water producer H2OKING. While building dehumidifiers that perform to the highest standards, we realized it’s possible to use this technology to provide fresh drinking water to those that don’t have it. If you have 115v or 230v, you can produce fresh, clean drinking water. There is moisture in the air even in the driest of climates. The driest climate on earth is the Antarctic.

H2OKING captures moisture available in the air. It works much the same as our high performance dehumidifier. By designing the system to operate just above freezing, our H2OKING captures the moisture from the non-conditioned air then discharges dry air. During this process the moisture that was removed is sent to a small reservoir then routed to the storage container of your choice.

The H2OKING is manufactured with a stainless steel base and a stainless steel cabinet with a stainless steel reservoir. The refrigeration portion is copper and aluminum. The unit is shipped to you sanitized. The top panel can be easily removed to inspect the refrigeration coils and cleaning (if needed).

The units are shipped with a UV light pre-installed. UV kills all microorganisms by damaging the reproductive system of Organics. With the 3M HogHair filter and the onboard UV the water produced is very clean and ready-to-drink. When water is either condensed, distilled, RO, or purified it’s very pure water without any minerals; thus it doesn’t taste that good.  The human body needs the trace minerals and nutrients that are contained within drinking water. Chillking highly recommends adding minerals for taste. We recommend Hy-Lite Low Sodium Electrolyte Concentrate or Watermins EMDrops as a fresh water taste additive.

Air filtration and cleansing is most important to keep the H2OKING operating properly. All units are shipped with a 3M HogHair filter. 3M HogHair is a synthetic material that resembles hog hair. It’s an extremely durable air filter. The filter life is 10 years to 15 years. Simply remove, rinse off with water and reinstall.

Our H2OKING are rated by compressor BTU* or tonnage size. 12,000 BTU equals 1 ton. Spec sheets for water production can be found on our website under Technical. H2OKING are built in 1 ton, 2 ton, and come in a 4 ton package. Warranty is 3 years on compressor only, one year for all other parts.

*BTU British Thermal Unit

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