Food Service Chillers

5 ton food service chillerChillking Liquid or Glycol Cooler
This unit is designed to discharge heat from water cooled equipment. Unlike the traditional Chillking chillers that have compressors these units are ambient coolers, meaning they will cool the liquid to within a few degrees of ambient temperature. These are very economical alternatives to our refrigerated Chillking chillers.

In areas of the north with moderate temperatures these units perform very well on ice cream machines, slush machines, and other equipment that is liquid chilled. These Chillking Ambient Coolers can be built in sizes up to 200 tons or even larger upon request. The units below 20 tons are part of our normal line and are ETL listed. Chillers above that can be listed upon request.

The cooling process is very simple, the heated water or (PG) propylene glycol/water mix is pumped from the equipment to the Chillking Ambient Cooler. A blower blows ambient air across the heat exchanger that is similar to a car radiator. The air discharges the heat into the atmosphere and the cooled water/PG is returned to the onboard stainless steel reservoir. Outdoor unit comes with outdoor dog house to protect it from hard conditions.

Our base unit is rated at 5 tons, it will remove 66,000 BTU of heat per hour. 90F fluid in and 78F out at 75F ambient. We carry these in 5 tons, 6 tons, 7.5 tons, 10 tons, 12 tons, 15 tons and 20 tons. Above 10 tons can be ordered with redundant water pumps or totally redundant coolers.

Redundant Coolers
Many configurations are possible for redundancy, double blowers, two blower motors and dual pumps. A redundant system has two independent cooling circuits. The only thing in common is the reservoir and the housing. On redundant systems a component failure will reduce capacity to 75%. A 10 ton redundant cooler will produce 7.5 tons with a part failure. All units are run under load and tested with 100F water/PG mix.

Most ice cream machines will go off from high head pressure if the ambient condition is above 95F. Some manufacturers claim their unit removes heat at 120F ambient temperature. In reality the air crossing the heat exchanger must be cooler than the incoming coolant temperature. If your water/PG is 120F, your ice cream machines will not operate. In areas of 100F and above ambient conditions, these will actually raise water temperature and are not recommended for these harsh conditions. Our regular lineup of Chillking chillers have a refrigerated circuit and all Chillking chillers will perform in -30F to hot climates of 130F. Tried and tested in the harshest of conditions. Chillking Chillers has chillers performing year after year in harsh desert conditions as well as the cold of Canada, northern Russia and Northern Europe.

Chillking does not recommend these for areas of the country with consistently high outdoor temperatures over 90F unless water/glycol temperatures in this range are suitable for the equipment being cooled.

20 ton food service chiller