Dry Coolers

condenserA dry cooler is basically a heat exchanger with air moving across it to take heat away from the heat exchanger. We use heat exchangers with fin counts up to 22 per inch. Based on design and application the correct number of fins is chosen. Many companies call dry coolers compressorless chillers, ambient coolers or ambient chillers, no matter the name chosen contact Chillking to have a system designed especially to your need.

Chillking has been manufacturing dry coolers since our inception. Our dry coolers do not appear as the typical dry cooler forcing air upward. When drawing air through a heat exchanger it is important to have enough space for the distribution of air movement. Out 20 ton dry cooler is 24″ X 32″ X 48″. This is a very small space compared to other brands. It is basically a rectangular tube with a heat exchanger at one end and a squirrel cage blower at the other end. Squirrel cage blowers move more air quietly than standard spinning fan blades. We have many models that use a fan belt with independent motor.

Chillking custom builds dry coolers to 400 tons. Our team can design a custom system for no additional fees. If you are space limited let us design a system just for you. With very few moving parts dry coolers are designed for years of dependable service.

A letter from Chillking regarding Chillking Dry Coolers
There’s a lot of confusion in the industry as to what a water to air Heat Exchanger (HX) is called. Some call it a Compressor-less Chiller, some call it a dry cooler, and some call it an Ambient Cooler. In the northern and eastern United States plus Canada they are called Dry Coolers. That is the correct term. They are all the same in reality, they are a finned heat exchanger that has water/glycol running through the tubing or passageways and air blowing across or through the fins to remove heat. They are very much like a car radiator. For non critical temperature heat removal dry coolers do a very good job. Most will remove heat from the water/glycol to within 3F of ambient* (if properly sized).

With proper sizing dry coolers are an excellent solution to heat removal. If the water/glycol enters the HX at 160F the leaving water temperature (LWT) is very close to the ambient* temperature. Dry coolers are great for distilleries to remove the first 100F or more of heat depending on outdoor temperatures. Since ambient* temperatures vary from day to day the amount of heat removed will vary thus the LWT will vary accordingly. Chillking designs and builds dry coolers from .5 ton to 200 tons or more. We have many configurations such as tubular, vertical, and horizontal.

Hybrid Cooler Chiller
Chillking has many designs. Our goal is to save energy in every design. By using a dry cooler inline before a chiller it can reduce the load on the chiller and do so very economically. Contact Chillking for your solution.

Truth about Dry Coolers
Chillking highly recommends dry coolers for certain applications which we do not for others. If your operation is temperature critical and needs coolant to be less than 80F you should consider every option. If the ambient temperature is 102F, the dry cooler will raise the temperature of your coolant. Remember it is exchanging heat always, if hot air blows across the coolant it will heat the coolant if your needed temperature is 80F or lower. In climates such as Texas or Arizona they are not a solution for ice cream machines or refrigerated drinks. Soft serve and slush machines need cooled refrigerant to operate properly. They are designed to operate indoors at 75F. When it is warmer the refrigerant can’t remove as much heat from the base mix resulting in soupy soft serve or longer freezing of slush. We highly recommend chillers for soft serve. We are endorsed by Electrofreeze®. All Electrofreeze® dealers are also Chillking distributors. There are also Taylor® and Stoelting® dealers selling Chillking.

Contact Chillking at 512-303-1529 to find the best solution for you.

*Ambient temperature is the outdoor temperature.