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Do-it-Yourself with the CHILLKING® EZ Install System

CHILLKING® has been the leader in technology for food processing and the restaurant industry for over fifteen years. Yogurt shops, Gelato, fast food and manufacturing have seen the benefits of CHILLKING® systems. Once again CHILLKING® has found a way to cut installation costs and has made it possible for owners to install their own systems.

This newly designed CHILLKING® is to be installed on the line next to the ice cream/yogurt machines and slush machines. It is a two part remote system with pre-charged refrigeration lines. The condenser can be put on the roof without the aid of a crane. There is no electrical to run on the roof because the electrical is pre-run with the included refrigeration lines. The refrigeration lines have quick connect fittings. The manifold is preinstalled on the back of the chiller. Simply attach the city water, drain line and the lines to and from each piece of equipment. Then plug-in, fill and run.

Don't want to install it yourself? CHILLKING® has dealers nationwide that are expert installers of CHILLKING® systems, plus CHILLKING® has installers that cover the continental U.S.

CHILLKING® still manufactures and installs the traditional water/prop glycol rooftop CHILLKING® Chiller. Contact your local dealer or CHILLKING® for more information.

CHILLKING® ice cream/yogurt chillers are NSF and ETL listed, ensuring that our products meet the strictest standards for public health protection.

Two convenient cabinet sizes

  • Model CGEF060R, which is very similar in appearance to a two-head ice cream machine. This system is available as a 3 phase 208-230v and 460-480v system between 3 and 15 tons, or as a 1 phase system up to 10 tons. 
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  • Model GCEF036R, which is much smaller in size, has the footprint of a slush machine and is available between 2 and 5 tons as either a 3 phase or 1 phase 240v system.
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The cabinets are constructed of stainless steel, and all components including the compressor, reservoir, CHILLKING® evaporator, and controls are in the Chiller cabinet inside the store for easy servicing. The only components on the roof are the condenser, fan, and pressure switch.