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One year after our parent company started manufacturing chillers, a major university requested our assistance with a greenhouse project. We designed a chiller cooling and dehumidification system especially for greenhouses. Since that time we have developed new products around the numerous special needs of greenhouse crops. With so many different crops there was a need for design flexibility. Now as DehuKing we move forward in designing new products and improving existing products.

DehuKing’s dehumidifier line up is built for performance and longevity. We understand the demands of indoor gardening and greenhouse crops. A major issue for greenhouse farmers is moisture control and humidity management. The equipment must number one, perform well. Money spent on equipment must be well spent. DehuKing made the decision to use only easy to purchase parts when we engineered our new product line of greenhouse, commercial, and industrial dehumidifiers. Replacement parts can be purchased at most refrigeration and HVAC supply stores, other brands can substituted with our approval if the exact part number cannot be located.

All Stainless Steel
Moisture is hard on equipment. DehuKing made the decision to build our greenhouse, commercial, and industrial dehumidifiers using high quality stainless steel. The framework is square or rectangle tubular stainless steel that is either TIG or MIG welded in our factory. All cabinet parts, skins, and inner or outer construction is built with stainless steel. In addition we have designed the unit so it can run while the panels are open because of how airflow is routed. Special equipment has been purchased to allow our top notch welders to produce beautiful, clean welds. The finished product must be quality “finished” to DehuKing’s high standards.

DehuKing realizes that not every farmer uses the equipment as his or her neighbor may farm. Different crops have differing needs. Our Johnson Control de-humidistat is easy to use and offers WiFi along with other options. Adjustments can be made over the internet. All DehuKing Dehumidifiers come with filtration and filtration options. We also offer various filter types from fiber to charcoal filtration, as well as reusable filtration. In addition DehuKing offers casters and a variety of air discharge options.

Ozone Information
As taken from Wikipedia please take note to the following; “Ozone in greenhouses. Crystal Air ozone systems can be used for the complete elimination of bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and parasites, as well as for the removal of organic waste. The ozonated water contains increased levels of oxygen which is desirable for the prevention of anaerobic pathogen growth on plant roots.”

Clean Air
To remove humidity from the environment using refrigeration requires high air movement. DehuKing realizes that if we are going to move thousands of cubic feet of air we should process the air at the same time. This gives the greenhouse engineers and farmers options to manage the environment. DehuKing has researched greenhouse needs as well as commercial and industrial applications. Contact DehuKing or BioTherm Solutions if you have special needs that we don’t list. We are happy to modify or engineer a solution just for you.

Ozone & Clean Environment
Ozone in the environment refreshes the greenhouse atmosphere and as well it eliminates viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, mold, parasites, and assists in the removal of organic waste along with bad odors. Ozone generators are an option for every DehuKing dehumidifier. Ozone must be managed, in addition nutrients must be added to recovered water. Only DehuKing and Biotherm Solutions offers so many options in a dehumidifier.

High Gallons per KW
DehuKing dehumidifiers produce high volumes of moisture removal for every KW used. A saturated atmosphere will result in very near 2 GPH per KW. As the moisture is removed the gallons per KW will reduce. For example, on average our rated units will produce 2 gallons per hour (GPH) for each KW used. At 50% RH to 60% RH the removal of moisture is reduced, producing 1.1 GPH per KW used.

BioTherm Solutions
BioTherm Solutions is the exclusive DehuKing dehumidifier distributor worldwide for farming and greenhouse crops. Contact DehuKing for other industrial or commercial needs such as paint booths or manufacturing.

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