Crossflow 4 ton DehuKing

The latest creation from DehuKing is the “Crossflow” portable dehumidifier. With two compressors and two independent refrigeration circuits for redundancy plus energy savings. Each side operates as if the other side didn’t exist, the only thing in common is the stainless steel cabinet. Both sides have their own controller, by setting one side at a higher humidity rate energy can be saved by staging the unit.

All stainless steel construction. All internal dehumidifier parts are mounted to a 16 gauge stainless steel inverted pan. The evaporator is mounted slightly above the condensate pan to prevent premature oxidation. Numerous features to create performance and longevity.

4 ton DehuKingWiFi is available with the many optional controllers.

Introducing the Crossflow DehuKing dehumidifiers. Both sides are totally independent of the other. This creates redundancy.

Can be staged. Producing longer life and saving energy. Can also be alternated.

All U.S. parts when possible. If not American made, we use parts sold by American companies. Honeywell and Johnson Control dehumidistats are our normal controllers.

WiFi is optional with several controllers. Take your choice.

Two compressors for two totally isolated refrigeration circuits to give you the best possible dehumidification.

Four sides equal two intakes and two discharges of dry, dehumidified air.

Can be purchased with remote condensers. At DehuKing you get options. Have reheated air or use for cooling. Discharge heat outside in the remote condenser.

Comes with “feet” to use as hangers for all thread rod or use to secure your unit to a shelf or wall mount.

DehuKing’s unique crossflow design is patent pending.

All DehuKing dehumidifiers are ETL listed for UL standards as well as EU CE.


Contact Biotherm Solutions, DehuKing’s exclusive distributor for horticulture and medicinal crop industries, or contact DehuKing for all other industries, for additional information or to purchase.

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