BudgetKing Chillers

Chillking realizes that many customers are on very tight budgets and may not need panels to protect from the elements. Perhaps they are locating the chiller indoors or under a protected area such as a carport or a lean-to. Our BudgetKin️gTM line of chillers have the same compressor and heat exchangers as our ETL approved lineup. The BudgetKin️g line comes  built on our standard frame however they do not have protective weather panels, the chillers are open beneath the condensers.

Commercial Budget Chiller

The commercial version of our BudgetKin️g chillers includes a stainless steel reservoir and 1 HP commercial water pump. The Chillking copper coil evaporator is inside the stainless steel reservoir. This evaporator and reservoir will not stop flowing coolant (water or water/glycol) because of the design. Braze Plate and tube in shell evaporators can freeze internally and block flow when this occurs. In severe freeze cases or no glycol, the brazed plate evaporators are known to rupture if the temperature gets too low or the glycol becomes diluted. The Chillking engineered evaporator in tank is designed to continue flowing even when iced over.

Commercial Budget Chiller
BudgetKing Chiller (above) is shown with our 55F LWT package. It uses double foil bubble back barrier insulation. Also available, 28F water/glycol insulation option which includes heavy Durafoam rubber insulation plus pipe insulation. On single phase models the water pump is fitted with a power cord, simply plug it in. Unit shown has optional top plate to help protect insulation.

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Comes in single phase 2 ton or 5 ton models
3 phase option available

Optional add-on of double reservoir panel stainless steel walls sandwiching 1” rigid sheet foam insulation. SS panel bolts to inner panel, all corners are spray foam filled. Pipes are Armorcel insulation. Pump is insulated.


Our line of Budget commercial chillers are basically our ETL certified chillers but without the panels. The stainless steel panels add greatly to the cost therefore we can offer you a quality chiller at a much lower price.

These commercial chillers are highly recommended when low temperature cooling of 28F is needed because of the evaporators ability to flow even when iced over. The Chillking built copper coil evaporator is very efficient and produces more BTU than the compressor ton rating. This saves you energy by shutting down sooner. We use high quality durable PVC flex tube or rigid or even a combination. Good for extremes in temperature and low maintenance costs.


With optional purchase of galvanized steel panels the chiller will ship with the ETL certification. These are flat panel that have a one inch ninety degree bend on one end, this allows the panel to “wrap the corner” giving the chiller a better safeguard against moisture.

Pump upgrades or pump purchases are available such as more horsepower or gallons per minute. Call for options. We are here to help you.


Testing of Chillers

Sometimes during testing the 5 ton 60,000 btu rated chiller has produced over 75,000 BTU at 90F ambient with 60F water/glycol being discharged. Please note: Every chiller built by Chillking is factory run and tested. They must produce higher than their listed rating to leave the factory.