CHILLKING ~ when low temperature coolants are a must

– 28F temperature chillers
– Heavy duty 1″ insulation
– Barrier wrap over insulation
– Stainless steel reservoir
– Food-safe propylene glycol
– Refrigerant charge based on 28F
– Copeland Scroll compressors
– WiFi option
– Warranty28F brewing

Brewers, Distillers, and Winemakers spend numerous intense hours perfecting recipes or ensuring that family blends and secrets are strictly adhered to.  Chillking understands this work ethic and we want to assist you by providing you the chiller system that supports your needs. If you need 28°F coolant, Chillking can provide the chiller you need.


Chillking has gone to great lengths to improve our brewery chiller lineup.  We have made numerous improvements to make every Chillking chiller one of the best in the industry.  Our Chillking designed and built evaporator has been improved to perform even better than our 10% plus chiller*.  This means you get more BTUs for your dollar.  In addition we use 15% less energy while running compared to most competitors for equivalent size.  These numbers and results are from tests at 90F to 95F ambient temperatures with a LWT of 50F.

The improvements are many, we now build our reservoirs in our factory using top grade stainless steel, all entry and exit points below the waterline are now 100% stainless steel fittings.  All tank bulkhead fittings are stainless steel.  We MIG or TIG our connections using stainless steel fillers and alloys.  Every tank is reinforced as necessary to give you years of dependable service.  Chillking reservoirs now have a bolted lid for future access.

Each brewery reservoir is insulated using 1″ of Armacell’s Armaflex foam insulation. It is then wrapped with 3M VentureClad Barrier Wrap.  This is a protective barrier that not only protects from elements but also acts a reflective thermal barrier.  Each line, be it refrigerant or coolant is insulated and protected with Armaflex .   The Chillking team has gone to great lengths in training our employees about proper installation techniques to ensure against heat (cooling) transfer.   Chillking uses 3M adhesive that is applied to both surfaces to guarantee a good bond in all conditions.

Our Chillking “free flowing” evaporator is built into the reservoir.  The **Chillking Free Flow evaporator doesn’t have narrow passageways inside that can freeze and block flow.  When propylene glycol loses strength or becomes diluted it may form ice on the evaporator but it will still flow because our evaporator sits inside the reservoir and the fluid flows around it.   Most other brands of chillers use evaporators such as brazed plates.  Brazed plates and plate chillers are easily blocked with debris or subject to ice particle formation.  Chillking evaporators are famous for the ability to produce more BTU than the compressor’s rating.   Since our **Chillking Free Flow evaporators are submerged in the liquid rather than having the liquid flow through it you are ensured that your Chillking chiller is always flowing coolant.

Chillking brewery chillers now have more options.  We now offer most any brand of controllers.  Many have WIFI and Bluetooth abilities.  This gives owners the ability to watch progress and control temperatures from remote locations.  Other options available are remote stainless steel control panels with options such as lights for High/Low temps, Flow, Compressor down, pressures at differing locations in the circuit, and many others.  Chillking has made a commitment to make the best, most durable, energy efficient, performance chiller in the industry.  We know you will be pleased.

Compressor redundancy is very important to breweries.  Chillking has dual circuit models available down to 3 tons.   Every Chillking chiller above ten tons has at least two compressors.  The largest compressor we use is a ten ton compressor, this means that the larger chillers will have compressors based on this design model.  A 60 ton Chillking chiller has 6 compressors at 10 tons, a 40 ton chiller has 4 compressors at 10 tons and so on.  A 15 ton Chillking chiller has 2 at 7.5 tons to equal fifteen tons.  Not only does this give you redundancy but it saves you money, have you priced a 20 ton compressor?   It is more than three times the price of a ten ton compressor.  By staging the compressors the chiller only uses the energy required for one chiller circuit unless demand rises.

Water pump redundancy is standard on all Chillking chiller 25 tons and larger.  We use nothing but American made water pumps.  If a pump should fail a single water pump will have more than enough power to move the BTU rating of your chiller, this ensures you are always open for business.

Chillking chillers have redundant safety controls, if one compressor should fail the rest of the chiller continues to work.  Each refrigerant circuit has field adjustable hi/lo safety circuits.   Each circuit has its own electrical controls.  The only thing in common is the reservoir and the temperature controller.  As an option you can have a separate controller for each circuit.  Chillking works to keep you working.

Chillking dual circuit chillers will continue to run although one compressor or refrigeration circuit may be down.  Those with redundant water pumps will continue to run if one pump should stop.  Chillking chillers can remain in operation while you repair a circuit, replace a compressor and repair or replace a water pump.  The water/glycol pump can be isolated because a check valve and a gate or ball valve is on each water pump.  This allows replacement or repair while the chiller stays in operation. Maintenance is simple, clean the condenser every six months (more if dirty) and check the glycol strength before winter.  If a dual or multi circuit, set the controls to make the other or next circuit in the series the primary compressor circuit, this should be done every six months.  This equalizes wear on the compressors.

Chillking Chillers Inc.will send you the test results for your chiller at your request.  Every chiller manufactured by Chillking is run under load and tested.  Each chiller has a BTU test.  Chillking knows to the pound how many BTUs your chiller produced when tested before shipping.  If it doesn’t exceed 110% of its rating it doesn’t ship until it performs to our satisfaction.  This commitment to excellence is carried by the Chillking Chiller team.

All Chillking brewery chillers are guaranteed to perform 10% better than the nominal ton or BTU rating.  For example, a 10 ton nominal rated Chillking chiller will actually produce a minimum of 11 tons at 90F ambient temperature with 55F LWT.  Our new evaporator is testing very well, we are getting 25% over on many of the chillers.  We recently tested a 6 ton chiller that produced over 100,000 BTU at 90F ambient temperature.

Chillking Chillers was born of an idea.  “To eliminate as many of the problems other chiller companies had”.  Our biggest concern was for coolant to flow freely.  Too often chillers freeze up because the PG (propylene glycol) wasn’t maintained.  Many owners wanted to run straight water with a set point of 45F.  At a LWT (leaving water temperature) of 45F the evaporator will be 20F to 30F colder, this meant the evaporator could be 15F at times or in certain areas of the surface.  A BP HEX (brazed plate) would freeze up between the refrigerant plates and block flow at these low temperatures.  This creates two problems, if it is a total flow evaporator plumbed system then all flow is blocked.  To get around this many companies run a bypass to the evaporator to continue flow while the evaporator thaws.  This is problem number two, it prevents the chiller from cooling properly.  Chillking’s founders designed the evaporator as a large coil that is submerged in the coolant.  Refrigerant flows around and across the Chillking evaporator even if it has iced over*^.  Our Chillking Free Flow™ is designed to flow coolant in the worst of conditions. This guarantees that you continue making product or cooling equipment.  Since our beginning the evaporator has evolved and has been improved with the exact same goal, FREE FLOWING COOLANT.   We are now exceeding 25% over nominal BTU with our new evaporators.  Watch for changing spec sheets.  Chillking Chillers Inc. is a green company and will do everything within our means to use as little energy as possible while continuing our performance improvements.

*^Caution: While it is safe for the Chillking evaporator to ice over, ice will act as an insulator and not allow a good transfer of heat for heat removal.  The evaporator operates 20F to 30F colder than the water/glycol temperature.  The ice will be just a few degrees lower than the freezing point of the glycol because of the fluid flowing across the evaporator ice.  Proper Glycol mix must be maintained.  

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