Air Handlers

Air HandlerChillking Chillers has been building air handlers to match to our high efficiency chillers that had become so popular. Our first Chillking air handlers were vertical installs only and made from galvanized steel. At that time we manufacture several A coils and slab coils for chilled water/glycol refrigerant. Yes, when it’s used in air handlers to transfer heat it is a type of refrigerant. Those first units were used by indoor gardeners across the United States. Our popularity quickly grew.

Dehu Air HandlerAs time passed more and more customers were asking for heavier duty air handlers in variable positions. We designed a line of commercial air handlers that can handle 2 tons to 20 tons (240,000 BTU), we designed them to use stainless steel then had them ETL inspected. Those new industrial air handlers could be purchased in so many different ways it is impossible to list. We also designed a dehumidifier air handler that can dehumidify and not change the room temperature. Industrial customers appreciated that they could be modified in so many different ways. Chillking provides services and industrial grade chillers for commercial industrial customers to grow healthy crops, keep factories cool or warm, and to keep MRI machines cool and operating.

Dehu Air Handler 2Commercial air handlers or industrial air handlers–Chillking has the air handler you need. If for any reason we do not have the air handler of your needs, let us know, we will customize an existing model. Chillking and DehuKingTM will make what you need by designing especially for you, modifying, customizing or hybridizing. We will provide what you need.

Vertical, horizontal, or stretched we can build the air handler you need. Most Chillking air handlers can be purchased with an array of options and modifications. All Chillking DehuKingTM air handlers are ETL listed in sizes 2 tons to 300,000 BTU.



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