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Water chillers manufactured by Chillking Chillers Inc.® are built using the highest quality components. We are one of the few manufacturers that have stainless steel reservoir tanks. Chillking’s refrigeration evaporator is manufactured by Chillking in house. Every Chillking water chiller is load tested and must produce at 110% of the BTU rating for that model. No matter your need, brewery, distillery, low temp, medical MRI, yogurt, fast food, margarita machines, clean rooms, laboratories, food safe, dry cleaner, all industries, residential, hot tub heater/plunge pool, and air conditioning, Chillking has a model for you.

About Our Products

Custom, Horizontal, and Vertical are available from 1 to 100 tons. An auto-fill mechanism is available on all models with tanks. Water distribution manifolds can be constructed to meet your exact needs. Our innovative distribution water manifold drastically reduces the normal manifold footprint. Chillking is an innovator by reducing manifold design to fit in a cabinet 30″W X 19″H X 12″D. In most cases up to ten pieces of equipment can be run on this manifold system.

Evaporator In Tank

Units equipped with the stainless steel tank have the evaporator in tank. Our unique to Chillking design maximizes the refrigeration circuit and flows the water around the evaporator to attain maximum heat exchange.


Chillking uses nothing but UL approved components. Our systems can be wired single phase, three phase 208V and three phase 460V, 480V or 575V-600V. Temperature Controller and Circuit • The temperature control circuit is wired using the dependable and versatile RANCO® controller. This unit can be wired 24V, 120V, or 240V. Many other options are available.


Chillking Chiller systems have the best of components in our refrigeration circuit. Horizontal, Vertical and Remote chillers have Copeland® compressors with a suction filter and liquid dryer ensures many years of dependable service.

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